Window Dressing Styles

Windows are your eye to the world outside; yet, windows also guard your home from preening eyes. Consider the security aspect or the mere aspect of light and ventilation, windows cannot be avoided in a home and hence cannot be negated in home decor.

Let us consider here some style breakers that would make you challenge the conventional.

The Sheer Style

Run the sheer or transparent curtains over glass walls, not necessarily the windows and doors every time. Sheers running down the full length of the wall bring a dreamy and ethereal appeal to spaces. Sheer curtains can come in varying shades with a touch of lace and otherwise.

For the ones who think sheers are too showy, run another layer of thick curtains that you could alternate as day and night curtains.

Window Shutters

Run glass shutters that can be rolled on and off to allow limited access to light and breeze. Window shutters would make for an unusually captivating look.

Half Way

Bring back the Victorian style curtains by playing a little peek-a-boo. Dress your windows halfway down to leave a hint of what's cooking inside. Half curtains can be opted in plaids or lace patterns to adapt to the classic look. Frills would add a different dimension and charm to the half curtains.

Roman Shades

Roman shades display a bold class and luxurious style. Roman shades can be adapted in cloth. Versatile designs can be used in roman shades to complement your home décor. Jazzy to bold and brocaded to neutral all create a tremendously appealing window displays.

Classic Shades

Go classic with the dominating white wooden shades that would make you flaunt a different era in interior decor. Bring in the different to create a striking difference, and that will be certainly adored.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds bring a contemporary look and appear fresh and in style. Horizontal blinds can be adapted to less accessible windows. Blinds though they look divine, need careful handling. Avoid blinds in the children's room for operational issues.

Rattan Blinds

Rattan Blinds are the most natural blinds made from wood, jute or bamboo, woven into fabrics. Rattan blinds bring a sophisticated look to your spaces and can tag well to contemporary as well as classic decor.

A Double Treat

Bring in two elements together to dress larger windows. Enclose certain parts of your windows with shades and others with curtains. A synergy of fabrics and shades/blinds would create a popping effect on your window style. Different elements and partitions would also mean you can control the light and air to the extent you want.

The Victorian Style

Go beyond the windows and dress the walls too, to create a classy and luxurious appeal to your decor. Mind while adapting this window style that you are also sporting classic furniture and decor.

Pastel Charm

Plain pastel curtains make for a serene and elegant style. Pastel colours have the effect of calming and can be used both in bedrooms and living rooms.


Valances are again the bygone era style, where the uppermost part of the curtain is dressed in an extra layer of frilly or decorative styles. Valances are often clubbed with curtains or shades to bring in an additionally striking dimension.


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