Wallpapers and their types

Wallpapers have been the immediate option for restoring your dull, boring and wasted walls. Wallpapers just don’t have this purpose but they can bring in a completely new dimension if explored with your interior decor.

Let us understand the different types of wallpapers and how you should be choosing them for efficient and beautiful looking homes.

Traditional Wallpaper

Traditional are the most commonly used wallpapers that come in design, color and economy variant. Traditional wallpaper can come in a sea of design options from geometric to asymmetric ones. These brilliant wallpapers are easy to install and can be done efficiently by you at home. Traditional wallpapers are sensitive to light and fade with time.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers are the durable lot and resistant to light and moisture. They can even be adapted to bathroom and kitchens. Vinyl wallpapers are papers that are given a coat of vinyl to strengthen them offering more durability with light, moisture and washes.

Vinyl Wallpapers though attractive do not come much pleasant on the health due to the chemical application on them and yet, should be avoided in bedrooms or places where you spend more time.

Fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass is a very unique concept also known as fiberglass fabrics. Fiberglass fabrics are natural material where the glass fibers are bonded to various designs that will please. It is durable and wear-resistant and can be used in rough and exposed environment.

Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper is a woven wallpaper that looks appealing and different. This wallpaper however needs a lot of maintenance and needs to be vacuumed from time to time to avoid dust accumulation.

Textured wallpaper

Embossed or textured wallpapers are designs that stand out and attract due to their 3D nature. Embossed wallpapers can be used alternating traditional ones or other wallpapers to create a depth to the designs. Embossed or textured wallpapers if used overly can spoil the look of the room.

Embossed wallpapers are a little heavy as compared to normal wallpapers and tend to peel off at the edges - therefore have to be maintained a bit with the right pasting.

Wallpapers present an array of options to create walls and textures that will stand uncommon and never replicate other interiors. It is after all, a game of choice of design, colors and textures. Bring your home to colorful and attractive wallpapers for a new look. Wallpapers are easily available and also present an ease of application.

While you choose wallpapers make a point to note that:

Certain conditions below require expert advice before applying the wallpaper and hence you should well research before doing a DIY wallpaper application.

- Is the application wall in the interior or foyer area?
- Is the application wall under leakage, fungus infection and needs treatment?
- Is the application wall already having a coat of wallpaper?
- Is the application wall well fed with natural light or is a dark spot that needs highlighting?

If you have already applied wallpapers:

- Avoid moisture on the applied wall.
- Dust the walls or vacuum clean them regularly.
- Don’t just overdo with wallpapers. Run a combination of wallpaper and colors for a balanced feel.
- Go, apply wallpapers to ceilings and extensions, don’t limit!
- Avoid direct sunlight on the wallpaper applied wall.


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