How Wall Colours Effect Your Mood

Colours influence humans psychologically. Colours impact behaviour and this is a well-researched fact. A painting artist would know what makes a perfect painting, with the right blend of colours. An Interior Designer is also thorough with the colour concepts in making spaces most adaptable and pleasant.

Commercial spaces are under plan and usually guided with the right colour themes as an Interior Designers suggest. However, when it comes to residences, and if you intend to paint the DIY way, the following information on colours can help you create an amicable space at home.

1. Yellow Colour

The bright and sunny Yellow is known to perk up mood; bring in warmth and energy. Used to paint kitchens, yellow is said to influence metabolism. Overdoing this colour can create feelings of anger & frustration. Though it is a very attention grabbing colour, babies tend to cry more in yellow coloured rooms.

2. Orange Colour

The next bright colour to yellow, Orange is said to enthuse excitement, energy and warmth. Orange is also associated to spiritual elements. Used in social and worship spaces at home, Orange can evoke happy feelings and energy.

3. Blue Colour

Blue is considered a calming colour. Its soft and cool shades are virtues of relaxation and serenity. Blue is a colour of sincerity and spiritualism and can be used in work spaces and bed rooms. Intense blue can trigger a different mood and is subjective to the space it is painted on.

4. Green Colour

Green means nature and therefore it automatically brings in a mood of tranquillity. Green can significantly influence good luck & health. It is a healing colour and can be used in living rooms. Greens used in bedroom can positively influence fertility.

5. Red

The flamboyant one of all – Red is bold and brings an immediate adrenaline rush. Bringing up the blood pressure and heartbeat levels, it raises your excitement a notch-up. Reds can be used in living rooms and dining rooms to cheer up the mood and encourage conversations.

6. Neutral

Neutral colours appear classy and make spaces look bigger. Moreover, plain neutral colours are never out of plan or fashion. Neutral colours balance the impact on mood and calm our senses. They are ideal to be used at workspaces as well as living rooms and bedrooms where one spends maximum time.


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