5 Trendy Cupboard Designs for Bedrooms

Cupboards aka wardrobes are an essential element of any bedroom. Storage primarily and then aesthetics form the main designing feature of a cupboard. When you consider bedrooms in a metro, they are shy of spacious and hence sleek and slender designs rule most households. The element of further adaptability can be brought by fusing the design with purpose and function.

Let us look at 5 trendy cupboard designs that can go with your small bedrooms.

Fogged Doors

Fogged glasses can be used for wardrobe doors to create a chic look. The fogged glasses show a hint of the colours within and create an element of suspense as well as enhance the look of the bedroom in a contemporary way.

All Whites

White or lighter laminates create a false sense of spaciousness. Whites also complement every décor and colour scheme and can make smaller spaces appear big.

Beige and Browns

The colour variants could bring a lot of difference to the look and essence of a room. Some people prefer the authentic wooden doors, which are ideally fit for larger rooms. For smaller rooms, the lighter variants or a combination of light and dark can be opted.

Matted Textures

Matt textures have their class. People who do not want the glam and glitter to touch their bedrooms can opt for matt greys and blacks to bring a complete sophisticated charm to the interiors.

The Vintage Look

The vintage look can appear trendy if adopted in the right design and essence without overdoing. The vintage look can be explored by opting for the glass and wood frame for the door. Carved arches and design can be used to enhance the look. Make it all in white and the splendour of the European style architecture comes to life right in your bedroom.

Door-less Closets

Door-less closet means tidier living. If you can pull off by presenting a good display of your belongings, ever sitting prim on the shelves and no bulging drawers and dangling clothes, you can sport a door-less closet.

The Mirror Doors

A mirror is a purposeful element of a bedroom, especially smaller bedrooms can club the mirror inside the wardrobe door or the entire wardrobe exterior as a mirror. This serves multi-purpose, making even the smaller room appear large.

Complement your wardrobe with the best accessories, good fixtures and good laminates would bring durability.

Wardrobes serve the lofty purpose of storage and therefore one should not only look at the design aspect of the wardrobe but also the internal spacing and alignment to make the extensive use of space. A regular audit of stuff allows you to maintain only what is required.

In creating the right ambience and comfort for your home, do not make it a mix of styles. A good Interior designer or decorator can guide you with the best of services for your selected designs. Wardrobes are not frequently built. Wardrobe also needs to be purposefully designed to accommodate your stuff to the maximum. Every wasted space is a design error.


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Inject colour, warmth and excitement into your living space with our latest collection of designs of sofas, TV units, coffee tables, beds, wardrobes and much more.

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