The 9 Common Interior Decor Mistakes

Some homes are quintessentially speaking a lot about the families that reside in them. Some are over accessorised; while some sit quietly the minimalist style. Though these homes might be designed to awe, some ambiences come striking as something missing. It is like a jigsaw puzzle that has to fit in right, some homes look perfectly near to have some missing element. These imperfections are the imbalances that come strikingly visible in the near-perfect decor.

And then, what are these imperfections? Let us identify such 9 basic mistakes that one makes in home decor.

Clutter House

Sometimes just too much is crammed in too little space. Some homes speak a lot of travel experiences, mementoes and displays that overly accessorize a home. Fridges parked with magnets, walls stashed with frames, vases on every table, too many accessories thrown on the upholstery. One needs to bring a balance by displaying the essential as too much can be too distracting to a confined space.

Split Seating

The living room should have a dedicated seating area that essentially holds couch, chairs or other seating arrangements. Seating area when split across the room brings a distracting appearance as well as curtails easy conversations.

Blocking Light Source

The natural light sources should not be blocked by heavy upholstery or furniture. Natural light creates a wonderful ambience and should not be obstructed.

Proportional Balance

It is necessary to create a balance in the décor. A small room crowded with bulky furniture or a sprawling room left with minimalist furniture automatically disrupts the balance. Take into consideration the dimensions of a room and then build furniture accordingly.

Freedom of Movement

After having your favourite furniture in your room, ensure you are left with ample space to freely move around. Remember, furniture is a stagnant piece and will not make way on its own for you. You have to move around and adjust for all the years the furniture is part of your decor.

The Light Sources

Artificial light can be aesthetically used to create an ambience. Bare bulbs & tube lights bring a very raw look to your otherwise decorated home. Go creative with artificial lighting to enhance your decor.

Old V/s New

Are you stashing both new and old furniture together and making a museum of your home? Identify if any old furniture is disrupting the look of your décor. Think about revamping the old furniture to a trendy & contemporary look. Some DIY techniques can come handy here.

Copy / Paste

Some spaces are tried replicas of others and somehow don't carry the soul of the place and hence appear distracting. These spaces are visibly outspoken; cheap lighting, unmatched accessories, cluttered appearance, altered designs and low on taste. It is better to go for a simplistic décor than trying to imitate something.


A total NO to any interior décor that is a fusion of styles. Stick to one style – Classic, Contemporary or Trendy. It is your style and should reflect well in your space. Mixing styles with make an absolute museum experience.

If decor is an important & absolute element of your style, hire a professional Interior Designer to guide you with the process.


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