Textures Your Walls Will Love

Textures or features or accents give identity to your walls. Dull, boring or monotone spaces can breathe to a new look with textures.

The basic rule of having textured walls is not to overdo it.

To accentuate or texture a wall, it has to be identified as a wall that stands out as you enter a space.

Textures can be used to demarcate part of a huge wall, to boldly influence a small wall or to bring the right glamour to your spaces. Textures can be explored to the fullest as the options available are surprisingly many. But, choose wisely what texture will demarcate your space.

1. Geometric Patterns

Some large and sprawling spaces can be adapted to geometric designs and patterns bringing a contemporary feel. Adapt woodcraft to decorate walls which will further spill elegance and class. Its worth taking the effort to a décor that looks unusually outstanding.

2. Brick Backdrops

Bricks walls that are one layer short of plaster bring the rustic look and feel and are much explored on larger walls. Countryside houses or chic apartments can sport brick backdrops clubbed with modern trendy furniture.

3. 3D Backgrounds

3D backgrounds are eye-catching and make for some attractive walls. Often used on compact walls, 3D Designs influences spaces. There are immense possibilities that can be explored with 3D designs. The right kind of lights can accentuate 3D walls to their best.

4. Wood Panelling

Wood wall panelling can be used behind beds or at office reception to spruce up the décor. Wood Panelling brings a vintage or country-like rustic look to the interiors. Complement wood panelling with similar furniture to strike a harmony.

5. Marble on the Walls

Exotic marble spreads can be used to design walls to an unlikely yet sober décor. Create a calm environment in your rooms with quaint marbles on the walls.

6. Gypsum Wall Backgrounds

The brilliantly coloured and versatile gypsum backgrounds can be used to add a dash of liveliness to your walls. Intricate and interesting designs can be explored with gypsum backgrounds to create a happening wall.

7. Upholstered Walls

Upholstery puffs can not only be used as headrests behind beds but can also run through the length of the wall. This gives spaces a highly chic look and can be accentuated with finer fabrics like velvets for a cosy and royal feel.

Take some extra effort to mould your wall designs to your fancy. Geometric, classic or conventional, suit your style. The 3D wall patterns are of course unusual and eye-catching.

8. Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a usual blanket to decorate dull walls. Wallpapers come in astonishing colours and patterns and bring a whole new dimension to walls. Use the range of wallpapers to match your style, but don't go overboard using it.

9. Bare concrete walls

Bare concrete walls left un-plastered bring an unusual dimension to your spaces. Un-plastered walls bring a very unpolished and raw look that can be complemented with subtle furniture and some bright and striking wall artworks. Un-plastered walls should be coupled with white or ivory walls to create harmony or space will appear cramped and drab.

Experiment with your walls but, make it look worth the effort you are taking. Good walls make pleasant homes.


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