Sofas - The Fabric Way or Leather

A sofa is a part of almost every household. Living rooms are often ruled by sofas next to any other piece of furniture. Sofas are quintessentially not just the décor but also the utility. While many people choose a sofa under their budget and utility, some people go for the style element, the look and feel.

A Sofa can be your long-term companion if chosen well. The basic options available on the sofa are mere fabric-based or leather. Choosing a sofa should not be just a visual experience, but comfort should be a prime concern.

Many factors are considered while deciding on a sofa – your budget, your lifestyle, your interiors, space in your living room or some kind you have always desired.

If you are stuck in deciding between a fabric and a leather sofa, consider the following tips shared:


The fabric sofa has been always considered comfortable as compared to leather sofas. Fabrics always have a pleasant feel on the skin as compared to leather.


Consider the durability if you are investing a handsome sum. Leather Sofa will stay around seasons and changing fashions. There will be a time you will look for a replacement but, your sofa might not disown you.


The temperature in your city should be considered while investing in Leather sofas. Leather tends to cool very soon as well as gain temperature. It can be a nasty and uncomfortable experience if your environment is ruled by high temperatures. Fabric sofa can be the best choice here.

Leather Sofas are efficient in rooms with controlled temperatures i.e. fully air-conditioned. This ensures the material is in harmony with its surroundings.

Various Choices

Fabric sofas give you the freedom of choosing different shades, designs and textures according to changing styles and trends. Fabric sofas can be altered to any and every decor.

Visual impact

Leather sofas can bring in charm, a visibly plush and lavish look. You can even pass on an authentic leather sofa across generations. Leather sofas go with almost every décor. Fabric sofas are trendy and sporty and can be made to match changing decors.

Space Management

Leather Sofas are usually bulky and king size. Fabric sofas can come in various alterable sizes. Choose a sofa wisely, ensuring how much your living room can accommodate.


Both leather and fabric sofas demand maintenance. However, the former is less challenging as it is stain-free and does not get wet as compared to the latter.


Cost depends on how often you change your décor or how fancy your choice is or how comfortable and long-lasting your sofa should be. The cost-factor depends on your budget and preferences.

Caring for your sofas:
a. Vacuum clean your sofa once every week for a comfortable seating experience.

b. Homes with Children and Pets need to vacuum clean sofas more often for a cleaner and comfortable sitting arena.

c. Fabric sofas might smell musty in monsoons, so stuff camphor or other floral infusions or potpourri in the gaps.

d. Fabric sofas fade across use and seasons and need to be replenished every 3-4 yrs.

Choosing right Leather

Leather is often compromised under sub-standard variants like faux leather or rexin products. These products look appealing and come cheaper as compared to leather. However, they fade and crack over a period of time and use. Invest in pure leather sofas if you think long-term.

Cushy, comfortable, durable or pricey, a sofa that just appeals is not always the best but, what is comfortable and value for money. A sofa is a long-term possession and should be chosen after a good study.


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