7 Simple Ideas for Smart
Vertical Kitchens

Kitchen is essential to every home, a place that dominates every household. Some of these spaces are not big enough to host a dining space and can accommodate only 1 working person. When you cook, you do not need everything to be clammed-up and messy.

Kitchen can essentially be re-modelled to a space that is interesting to look as well as to cook. Enhancing usable spaces is the basic idea and includes a bit of re-modelling.

Here are some easy and smart ideas towards a kitchen that is usable, organised and brings the best productivity.

1. Pantry Swing-outs

The Pantry swing-outs can be accommodated in the unused spaces of the fridge alcove or other unused spaces. These sleek swing-outs can accommodate your major kitchen essentials and bring a simply organised look.

2. Built-in-Owens

Built-in-Ovens are a one-time investment but save a lot of space. Often consuming the vertical space, it brings a chic look to the kitchen.

3. Wall Shelves

Let’s repeat fashion. Let’s go back to the vertical wall-mounted shelves this time to store & display our decorative utensils.

4. Ceiling Runners

Make shelves running parallel to the ceiling to enhance storage. You can also flaunt your fancy ceramics that are hardly used. This not only adds a different look, but keeps the less used utensils at bay.

5. Pegboard Organiser

Knives, spoons, scrapers and cutting boards all displayed on a pegboard is like you armoury well-organised and ready for action anytime.

6. Runner Rods

Pots, frying pans and sauce pans hung on runner rods give a rather rustic look to your kitchen.

7. Off-counter spaces

Hanging baskets for storing-up fruits mean free spaces on counter or your fridge storage.

8. The Unseen Spaces

Use the unseen spaces below your wash-basin to store-up soaps, sponges, laundry detergents, bathroom cleaning brushes and other toiletries.


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