Side Tables For Your Home Decor

Side tables are not a fancy that every homeowner would want to explore. Basic tables serve the purpose where the utility and functionality are the need. Then why would one want to block more space? Design aspect speaks about bringing a defining element in the decor, as well as, serving additional utility and accessorizing homes.

Side tables have a tremendous effect on the decor if used in the right sense by keeping few things in mind:

- Side tables should not block the way or pose hindrances.
- Should be ideally sleek and accommodating in the corners.
- Contemporary design that could sit anywhere within the living room or smaller spaces.
- Bring a different perspective to the room.
- Serve as extra storage unit.

Side tables can be sidelined in any decor, but having them in your home can certainly be a decorative element. While choosing a side table, certain parameters should be taken in to account towards the right appeal and alignment.

Table Length

Size of the table defines its appearance in context to the other furniture in the room. Ideally for armless sofas, smaller tables should be chosen. For armed sofas, the height of the table should be a little less than the arms of the arms. The fundamental is, while you sit on the sofa you can reach out for objects on the table easily.


Style has no definition and so you choose variants. However, consider a table that complements the furniture style in your living room or the decor. A trendy side table will not look good with a traditional wooden and heavily carved sofa set. Check for decor options online and see the placement and choice of side tables for the type of furniture you wish to sport.


Here you have a plethora of options to explore. Often this can be confusing and spoil you for options. Brilliantly colorful side tables can make contemporary setups perk up. The antique collection can support your traditional decor. Simple, elegant side tables can just accommodate anywhere if the choice of color is coordinated with your current decor.


Who decides the number of side tables? Anything that does not make your house look cluttered is good. And yet, you are not holding a display exhibition of side tables and therefore it is advisable to refrain to certain numbers and bring in tables only as much needed.


Is the side table just a display piece or can accommodate storage too? Is the side table a coffee table or to be used to display a lamp? Is the side table going to be cluttered with books, keys, and other handy stuff? Think about the utility and then decide on the side table. If you wish to have storage as well as display, go for the drawered side tables that could hold things as well as work as a coffee table. If your function is minimal and just display, then you can explore variety of designs.

Simple function and multiple functionality, side tables sit quiet adorning your decor with their subtle existence.


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