How to Choose the Right Light to Influence Spaces

Lights can enhance the dullest corner of a dwelling. Lights can bring out the real essence of a space and can trigger moods by creating the right atmosphere. Lights are the essential element of every home and workspace and the one element that can enhance your interior styles and decor.

Specific lights go with specific décor and a professional designer will be able to bring the differentiation to you. However, if you are choosing your lights, follow this simple guide.

Lights can be differentiated in 3 types depending on their purpose:

1. Creating an ambience

Ambient light is one that's the primary source of light and can also be tagged under sunlight or natural light. When choosing an artificial light source as ambient light check basic lights that the purpose of illuminating spaces well.

Ambient light comes in different forms like wall-mounted lights, floor lamps, ceiling light, LED downlights, floor lights, table lamps etc. Recessed lights are majorly used as ambient lights. Residential interiors usually opt for incandescent lights for a warm ambience. Incandescent lights enhance mood and can be altered with a controller. White fluorescent lights are used in areas of operations like workspaces and utility areas for brighter illumination.

2. Task Lights

Task Lights are spotlights used to accentuate a particular area. Task lights could be ceiling-bound, wall-mounted, table-clamped or even floor-bound.

Task lights need to be used very creatively to bring out a specific corner or the environment of a room. Task lights need to be chosen according to the purpose of utility.

Lights illuminating dining areas can be ceiling-bound called as pendant lights. For eg. Chandeliers, Contemporary ring lights or slim light bars used over dining tables for select illumination.

Lights for workspace or desktops can be table-clamped. For eg. Table lamps. Table lamps come under different variations and you can choose one to your fancy.

A floor lamp can bring in the chic look and at the same time illuminate a dull boring corner around the couch or curtains.

Accent lighting can also be recessed in the ceiling to illuminate work stations, bedrooms, bar spaces, Puja rooms or above mirrors.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is used to highlight a particular aspect of your decor or spaces. The accent lighting usually comes in the LED form as a ribbon, strip bar, under cabinet lighting or rope lighting.

The ribbon, rope or strip lighting can be used in concealed spaces to bring a muted or milder effect to the room or space.

Wall-mounted fox lights can be used to illuminate paintings or wall art.

A good interior designer understands the utility of each light and can enhance dark and sombre spaces to a livelier environment. Lights need not be of standard intensity. Use dimmers to change the intensity of light as per your mood.

Having a fair understanding of the different lights and their functions can help in choosing the right one for your requirement. LED's are energy-efficient and last longer as well as promising on the environmental safety front.


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Inject colour, warmth and excitement into your living space with our latest collection of designs of sofas, TV units, coffee tables, beds, wardrobes and much more.

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