Plants that can decorate your Bathrooms

Bathrooms carry a very hostile environment. With a constant fluctuation of temperature and humidity, bathrooms are not very pleasant places to stay for long. However, these important places in our homes can be converted to beautiful and amicable ones. With some beautification tips, we can not only rule out the odour, but make these places more conducive and sprightlier.

The air fresheners and purifiers can be a temporary solution, but having plants inside of your bathroom can be a better option anytime. There are some indoor plants that can be specifically adapted to your bathrooms. Let us know how to identify these plants and use them as natural purifiers and beautifiers to your bathrooms.

Bamboo Plants

The stunted bamboos can be an excellent pick for your bathrooms. Bamboos can thrive under indirect light and grow very fast.


Decorative ferns can be used to enhance closed spaces in your homes including bathrooms. Ferns thrive in humidity and can also sustain under moderate light. Fern is an excellent and low maintenance plant you can have.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is an indoor plant and well adapts to low light and temperature changes. This indoor plant can adjust both in humidity and dry condition and is used to growing under indirect light.

Dumb Cane

Dumb Cane is also an indoor plant that can grow well under indirect light. However, if rotated once in a month, the plant grows evenly. Dumb Cane is a low maintenance option.


Gardenia are huge plants and difficult to maintain indoor. However, constant pruning can get you some well-trimmed and manageable Gardenias to adorn your bathrooms. Being a scented flowering plant Gardenias make for a delightful display and ambience. Gardenias can sustain indoors with a dose of bright light from time to time.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant is a low maintenance, highly sustainable plant that thrives even in low or indirect light. It is well adapted to indoor conditions and does not dry easily.


Orchids are decorative plants and absolutely low maintenance. Orchid is a flowering plant it peps up the ambience indoors and are ideal for bathroom displays. Orchids adapt well to high humidity and low light conditions. Its decorative appeal brings an exotic and rich feel to you bath spaces.


Ivy is a creeper and creepers create a different drama altogether. If you find it difficult to run the creeper through your bathroom for want of maintenance, you can hang them and keep pruning them time and again. Though ivy comes with a little maintenance, it sure brings a strikingly beautiful and decorative appeal to your indoor spaces.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a household plant known for its medicinal qualities. As a succulent, it comes with least maintenance and easily adaptable to both indoors & outdoors.

Plants in bathroom do not just solve the purpose of beautifying spaces, but they also help deal with de-odourising, refreshing, improving air quality and beautifying. Small succulents that can sit comfortably on the window sills can be opted in bathrooms that are too small to accommodate plants.


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