9 ways to accessorize your Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen brings a structured and systematic approach to kitchens. Finding place for each and every item in the kitchen such that they are easily restorable can be a planned approach. Kitchen is a place that houses a lot of items along with the groceries and other utilities. A sorted and dedicated allotment means easily retrievable items and also ensures a time-saving practise, each working day.

Modular kitchens are already equipped to look trendy and bring the systematic approach. However, adopting certain add-on accessories as a part of the design ensures a well-laid kitchen and a fast track working environment.

Classified Drawers

Allot drawers to different utilities based on their size. It is important to first have a stock of all the boxes, containers that are going in a drawer and then plan the size of the drawer. Having multiple drawers handles storage issues to the maximum and also ensures every little thing is tucked well and at arms distance.

Tall Units

Tall units accommodate a lot of small and tricky items in the kitchen. It also allows an assortment of items well in display for a quick pick.


Baskets or assorted trays ensure lot of storage, ensuring your large and smaller dishes are all stacked in one place. Ensure you buy good quality steel baskets for better durability.

Overhead Rack

An overhead unit can not only enhance display but also ensure some important things are within arms-length.

Utility Drawer

An assorted utility drawer is the primary most accessory in a kitchen. Having the spoons, ladles and spatulas all at one place mean easy accessibility and time management.

Corner Pull-out

Corner pull-out is a good way to utilise the otherwise wasted space for storage.

Chimney Hubs

Chimney Hub is a very important accessory in a kitchen ensuring the dirt and sticky substance no more envelops your well-maintained kitchen.

Spot Lighting

Spot lighting can help illuminate only your working area in the kitchen and make for a good cooking experience.

Rolling shutters

Rolling shutters can be used to accessorize your kitchen and can enclose mixers, oven and other heavy electronic stuff.

Having the accessories will not only increase the functionality of your kitchen but will ensure time management. However, it is also imperative that you consider the ergonomic factor in laying out items in your kitchen. Having the salt, spice and condiments as the top most runk in the modular kitchen works effective. Also having the spoons & ladle tray within the easiest accessibility can bring efficiency.

Ensure your kitchen is audited for FIFO (First in First Out) and LIFO (Last in First Out) items to a well-managed process. Keep in mind the not so needed items should be placed in the loft vis-à-vis the much needed in easy reach.

You can add a multitude of accessories to your kitchen for easy access and efficiency, but make sure you do not clutter. The accessories are in sync with your design and presentable. Make the use of the best material for safe and easy cooking environment.


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