Making Spaces Look Bigger

Some homes have the advantage of sprawling spaces, while some are benefited with taller walls. The city homes, however, come in compact sizes and should be made adaptable to live as per the families residing in it. However, some basic and pivotal changes can make spaces appear big and accommodative.

Let us see how!

Bigger Windows

Most homes these days come with French windows that are more or less an extension and adaptation to doors itself. Make the most of these windows by having clear transparent glass in contrast to the smoked or dark glass. Ambient light is the best natural source of light to make your homes look bigger.


In smaller and compact rooms, make a smart choice of upholstery. Don't cram the space with heavy or brocade curtains, that would again steal the natural light. Go for sheer curtains that would filter ambient light and make spaces look big. Make an alternate line of the opaque curtain to ensure privacy at night.


Do not make a museum of your home by stuffing unwanted art or display pieces and mementoes. Keep table spaces minimal and less occupied, such that they can be used for multitasking. Do not use huge pillows or boulders to decorate your sofa set as these prime elements will attract all the attention and make spaces appear small.


Mirror the walls, wardrobes, wall frames or any element in the room that can make your spaces appear big. Strike a balance when using the mirror and don't overdo it.

Overpowering Designs

Make less use of the overpowering and huge geometric design in your carpets, curtains, sofa set or paintings. This will again distract to the source and make spaces appear small.

Structured and Smart Storage

Built-up smart storage that enables you to make the optimal use of your operational area while you stash all the unwanted things at their rightfully allotted place.

Uniform Flooring

A uniform flooring brings in a feeling of long and continuous spaces. Choose the flooring patterns wisely not to overpower your small room. Also, bring in the lighter shade flooring to make spaces appear big and brilliant.

Light it Up

Light it up right, not only to bring in an ambient setting but to make spaces appear big. Light up the corners and crannies for a uniform and appealing look. Make use of different light elements for different purpose and make the most use of it to make rooms appear larger.

Foldable Furniture

Foldable or collapsible furniture is the mantra for compact homes. While you have a variety of furniture that sits in your budget and suits your style, it is advisable to go for bespoke furniture that suits your functionality and demand. Make use of foldable furniture where space and functionality permits, and bring in your style statement.


Colour and hues play a major role in the look and aesthetics of a room. Monochrome rules and make spaces appear biggest. The neutrals follow the monochrome and do much justice to spaces. The pastels follow the neutrals are good enough options to present enhanced spaces. Coloured and vibrant walls can be explored only if you have a kingdom-wide enough, which means a total no to compact city homes.


Our 1 RK packages are the ideal fit for the compact rooms. Maintaining a minimalistic set-up enhances smaller spaces.

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