10 Interior Decor tips
to create visually large spaces

Cities are growing vertically and spaces are shrinking. In the realm of confined spaces, one has to manage the so called living room, study room, bed room, guest room or other options that are merely partitioned by walls.

To make smaller spaces appear big, a lot of simple yet intelligent hacks can be adapted. Let us check some here:

1. Light it up

Ensure your spaces are dominated by light. The natural and ambient sources of light should be well captured. Make use of artificial light not only to capture different moods but also illuminate dull and unlit corners. Well lit spaces appear bright and big.

2. Use the walls

Shelves and more wall shelves can be accommodated for storage. Stack it up on the walls to give an uncluttered look and spacious feel.

3. Pastel Colours

Pastel shades have a calming effect and also make smaller spaces look more inviting and pleasant.

4. Lighter Furniture

Delicate furniture gives an uncluttered feel. Contemporary & compact furniture can be opted for a plush look and can save space too. Transparent table tops and if available transparent chairs will not only bring a trendy look, but will give a feel of larger space.

5. Wall-Mounted

Wall mounted furniture offers a lot of working space through the day. Collapsing the furniture at night or when required works as a feasible option.

6. Multi-utility options

Make most of the furniture you buy. A desk that can double up to a dining table and otherwise work desk, serves 2 purposes. A little bit of planning and buying can add up a lot of value to small spaces.

7. Textures

Make small spaces interesting by introducing textures through fabric, rugs, or wall papers. Textures appear good when used minimally. Break the flow, but beware not to overuse textures.

8. Lower Furniture

Lower seating arrangements also give a feel of tall and big spaces. Club it nicely with other furniture in the room to create visual uniformity.

9. Curtain Tales

Any drab space can be made interesting with good curtains. Shear curtains allow natural light and make spaces appear bigger. A second layer of curtain can serve the purpose of maintaining privacy.


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