Innovative Storage Ideas

Tactful storage is not just about stashing things at allotted places. Storage if creatively handled can bring a sense of open and inviting spaces, as well as create your style and impact.

We bring you here some innovative storage ideas that will not only mind your storage woes, but, will also add a style statement to your decor.

Storage in Ottoman

Ottoman's are comfortable seating and part of living room decor. Creating ottomans’ that house your books or small supplies can be a very crafty idea as it will not consume much space, yet solve your purpose of storing.

staircase faucet

Faucets under a staircase can be used as deep storage pockets and can be developed based on individual needs. They can store your tools, brooms, gardening stuff, ladders, stools and a lot of other stuff that would otherwise clutter spaces.

Collapsible canvas boxes

Collapsible canvas boxes can hold a lot of supplies and fit in different nook and corners as well as your wardrobe spaces. Collapsible canvas boxes can bring an organised feel to spaces as well as segregate stuff as per your need. When you do not need them, they can be collapsed and stashed away for future use.

Spaces under your windows

Spaces under your windows can be converted to sitting areas, that can be doubled up to storage spaces. A dull and boring window can be turned to a cosy reading space or just a nook for overlooking the outdoor activities. The storage can be worked as per your convenience.

Multi-utility tables

Design your coffee tables to serve as your dining table, work tables and a secret stash for storing small living room supplies. These tables extend and collapse on need-based utility and will not be available readymade and therefore need to be crafted as per your requirement.

Bedsheet Storage

Your supplies of bedsheet and covers can take considerable storage space. You can neatly fold the bedsheets and covers and store them below your mattresses, and save up some decent space.

Bed headboard

The bed headboards can not only be used as clever storage spaces, but can also be used to display items.

Wardrobe organisers

Wardrobes can be adapted to pegs, handles, hangers and boxes for stashing supplies in an assorted manner. A little planning beforehand can accommodate your wardrobe with a lot of supplies.

Drawers that contain

Make drawers that have assortments to hold different accessories like jewellery, pins, ties, belts etc.

Wall length storage

When designing storage for any room, be it kitchen, living room or bedroom, make use of the entire wall length. This not only utilises the entire space appropriately but also leads to no maintenance of the nook and crannies left otherwise.

Total control

Imagine walking into a utility store and see how the things are aptly stored in shelves and displays. Why not create such a set-up at home? It might look a little displaying and bold, but can easily be adapted to kitchen, tool & utility rooms where you do not have to shy displaying items.

Homes reflect your personality and your style. How and what you wish to create of your décor is your liking, but clean and uncluttered homes always look good even if not professionally decorated and that's where right storage plays the lead role.


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