Housekeeping Habits You Can Adopt

Often the rigmarole of life and demanding jobs, working partners hardly find time to sport a hobby. Think about all the time gone in completing pending household chores on a weekend and then skip them to next and then next. Sorting back things at home, ordering groceries, changing the bed linen or watering the plants - all the chores need attention or makeup to a cluttered home and more time investment.

Housekeeping is an art for the people who have time to invest, but for the working fraternity, it is but an activity that adds up to their woes. But rather than considering some tasks as cumbersome and uneventful, adopt some habits that make work simpler and time-saving. You will see the household chores will not mean a daunting task then.

A small shift in the habit is what we propose here:

Laundry Bag

A laundry bag is a must for every home as not every family does laundry everyday. Then, it might happen that the used clothes are scattered across the home and piling up the bed or the chairs. Make a habit of putting the used laundry in the laundry bags. Having your laundry in one place gives you an indication that it's time to wash now.

Bed Linen

Bedspreads, cushion covers and other upholstery need to be regularly changed and washed. Allot a day in a week to change the bedspreads. If you are more the hygienic kinds, allot 2 days in a week to change the linen. Also, keep a schedule for washing them too.

Fragrant Homes

Every house has a peculiar smell of what one cooks, what you keep and store. Ventilate your home often with fresh air. Alternately, keep air purifiers and fragrant decanters at different nook and corners in the house for pleasantly smelling homes. Cluttered but good-smelling homes are still doable and better to dwell in.

Collections Drawer

Allot a drawer to hold all the items that you use randomly and are not finding enough time to put in the right place. Hair clips, scarves, make-up, jewellery, hairdryers, etc can go in one drawer rather than scattering them across the home and leaving them unattended.


Dusting is an everyday chore and even your house help can do it, but what about the stains that you leave unattended. Deeper and older stains can fester and might not come off easily. Work on the stains when they are new. Stains on your gas stove and burner as well as kitchen tiles can look gross and needs to be removed on an everyday basis. After all, hygiene is the prime habit that should be practised in every home.


Dining table, coffee table or corner table are all for different purpose and that's not stacking clothes, books, or any random item you don't want for the time being. A vacant table gives a feel of a well-sorted home. Make a habit to clutter a drawer than dropping off your daily stuff on the tables.

A Space for All

Clutter-free homes make you breathe and relax. Home is abode, whereas a clean home is a heaven. Try and allot space to every item in the house, such that it does not look destitute and discarded. It all starts with one small habit of putting things in the right place.


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