Homes, the Vastu way

Vastu is an age old science of managing spaces for creating harmony and wellbeing at home. A small change in the existing pattern of interior layouts can make a lot of difference. Again these are tried and tested techniques that come to establish it as a science and hence much adapted.

Some simple adaptations we can bring in our day to day life will ensure some effective changes:

1. A Pleasant Entrance

The door to your home is a very imminent element in Vastu. The door to your home should be well lit and obstruction free. It should be clean and welcoming. This ensures passage of positive energy in to the home.

2. Why Bare Walls?

A home is soul of the people living in it. The walls should bring out the mood and liveliness of the people living in it. Choose to adorn the walls with frames that are happy and vibrant. Avoid war scenes and images of dried trees. It is said to bring negative energy to the space.

3. Aquarium Aura

Aquariums can not only create a lively atmosphere, but also bring in a good dose of positive energy. Wealth, prosperity can be seen as a result of having aquariums at home.

4. Rock Salt

Rock salt is an ultimate panacea in Vastu Shastra. Cleaning your home by putting rock salt in water and keeping rock salt in different corners of the home wades off all the negative energy.

5. Kitchen Tales

Kitchen is a space that is ruled by fire and water alike. Keep the 2 powerful elements apart by rightful placement and bring in the harmony.

6. Bring the Light

Capture all the possible natural light in the room. Dark spaces bring negative energy and make spaces appear sombre. Eliminate all the negative energy by creating natural as well developing on artificial source of lighting.

7. Bedroom

Minimal is good. Having neutral or pleasant walls bring in a calming sense. Keep less furniture. Liberally wash out the room with sunlight at least once in a day. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom and if it goes with the décor, avoid placing them anywhere near the bed or where the bed reflects in it. Mirrors in bedroom bring ill health.

8. Lamp

Indian tradition goes with lighting a lamp every evening. A lit lamp is corollary to evading dark and negative spaces and creating positive ambience. Incense sticks also influence the atmosphere to a greater extent.

9. Nameplate

Fancy or simple, a nameplate is an evidence of the rightful owners of the home.

10. Lemons

Lemons are also known to ward off negative energy. Vastu suggests putting lemons in a glass of water and changing the water every Saturday to bring in the positive energy.

11. Wind chimes

The soft, tinkling sound of wind chime brings a pleasant and calming feel to any home and should be adapted at least in one room.


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