6 Home Decor Ideas to WOW Homes

Homes are the soul of the people residing in it. One can replicate set-ups and bring the pep and splendour, but what’s cosy and warm can only come with some personal touch.

Here are some very usable and doable ideas that will not only bring a personal touch to your home, but also a WoW appearance.

1. Green Spot

Greens can have a very happy effect on the residents. Original plants definitely enhance indoors, but can be difficult to maintain. If you yearn for a green splendour, some low maintenance plants can come to your good use. However, artificial real looking plants can be opted for a no-maintenance deal.

Fresh flowers create a calming mood to any space. A pop-up of real flowers can spring back life to any dull and boring space.

2. Splash of colours

Break the monotone with a perky splash of vibrant colours. One dominating colourful element like a rug, a couch, some paintings, brightly painted cabinet or small peppy cushions can create a distinguished look.

3. Artwork

Artwork speaks volume of a person’s taste. You may be an art lover or a novice. Walls that are decorated essentially create drama in the room. Be it a priced painting or just a family heirloom on display, flaunt it your way to add a special character to your home. Bring in some thrift stuff from flea markets or just hang in your lovely pictures. It is all your space, make it look live.

4. Books-O-Books

A book lover’s space can be easily classified. Books add a sense of class and substance to your spaces. Secure your meagre or massive share of books in organised sets across your different rooms. For the non-possessive book lovers, flaunt your books to meaningful displays or merely add them as base to some artefacts.

5. Go Bold

Introducing Black to your spaces is a bold approach. Using it right will enhance spaces but need a bit of reflecting on. Black brings a chic and sophisticated look to the room. If you plan to introduce black, ensure your décor complements this modern look. Black means class, and should be used wisely to bring the right effect.

6. Lampshades and Lights

Undoubtedly lampshades create classy spaces. A dull boring corner can perk up to a lively domain. Classify the different spaces in your home to different light exposures and see how your home lives a cheerful mood.


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