Headboard designs for Beds

Beds are an essential furniture piece in every home. Basic or glamorous, a bed is the need of every household. Though beds are just a basic necessity, designers have gone ahead and used them exclusively in their designs to bring out a totally captivating decor. Let us see here, how plain headboards behind a bed can be manipulated to bring out a different look.

Tufted Headboards

Tufted headboards are classic style decors that represent to a great extent the grandness of a bed. Often done in velvet; this majestic headboard brings a classic feel to the décor. The headboards can be further accessorized with sequins or brocaded material to make it look royal. Tufted headboards are bulky and require ample space to be explored and of course continuous maintenance.

Wooden Headboards

Wooden rustic headboards can bring in a raw and unfinished look offering simplicity to the décor. Wooden headboards with white washed walls and white bed spreads can make for a simple yet appealing décor.

Knitted Headboards

The classic styles often repeat themselves and the knitted headboards are somehow always welcome. A different style and a different feel, the knitted headboards are reminiscence of your grandma’s bed and the cozy memories from it. Knitted headboard can be opted under various fabric variant to suit your home style and décor. The bed however, should be a grandpa bed or a classic one to complement the knitted headboard style.

Carved Wood

Carved wood panels can be used as a backdrop for your bed to bring in a majestic feel. Ideally the headboards attached to the bed come with carved designs. To make a style statement you can opt for a carved panel that stands tall overlooking the bed. This would take all the attention to the headboard and make for a unusual décor. Make sure you do not use dark color polishes on the carved wood headboard. This will in turn make the room look small.

POP Headboards

Ever thought of using POP as your headboard? If no, it can come as a very economical and attractive option to the usual headboards. POP panels or frames can be easily used as a backdrop to beds, creating a versatile and unusual design that will certainly attract all attention.

The only issue is having to maintain the pop structure as they can easily wear and tear. Headboards being an everyday utility, POP as an option might bring a fancy look, but not a long lasting one.

Wooden Extensions

Some beds come with the extended surfaces around the bed and headboard. This surface around the bed can be used to sit. The space around the headboard can come as a display option for books and night lamps. Wooden extensions are again old-style headboards that can be adopted, but in spacious rooms.

Canopy Headboards

Why limit when you can create a design that flaunts. Canopy Headboards are basically headboards that extend right in to your false ceiling. Canopy headboards can be accentuated with the right kind of lights.


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