How to Manage Spaces with Efficient Wardrobes

Wardrobes are essentially the basic and element of every home. People call it with different names like almirah, cupboard, wall unit, or a globally acclaimed word- wardrobe. A wardrobe is a storage unit and usually made in wood. The older and less known siblings' almirah and cupboard were made of metal and seen even today in many homes. The purpose then and now is just efficient storage.

Managing spaces at home is a task. A full-fledged family has a lot of stuff that needs to be organised right from clothes, accessories, books, important documents, or other important stuff. An organised house brings a clean and chic look and there can be no better organiser than a wardrobe.

Wardrobe can be customised or bought readymade in standard sizes. If you are settled in a house for years together, it makes sense to invest in a good wardrobe that considers your utility as well as goes with your decors. If you are on the go every couple of years with moving jobs across cities, go in for the standard and readymade wardrobes.

Wardrobes are expensive if built the right way and with the right material. The earnings, you are rest assured for a lifetime with a good alley that supports you through seasons and decades.

Wardrobes that are built to customise can be explored under various designs and styles.

1. Free-Standing Wardrobe

Free-standing wardrobes can be customised to a specific space you want to occupy in your house. The free-standing wardrobe might not give you much freedom of occupying larger space but can suffice the need. They can be shifted from one location to another for ease of use and hence a very flexible option.

2. Wardrobes with doors

These are the more conventional kind of wardrobes and can be clubbed with different styles on the exterior.

3. Wall-mounted wardrobes

Wall-mounted wardrobes can be customised and created in recesses or alcoves in your house. Use the space to create a storage unit that you can benefit with. Wall-mounted wardrobes are fixed and cannot be moved around. They provide ample space for storage and ideally adapted in homes with families or where the storage demand is more.

4. Sliding door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes can be adapted where rooms are small and there isn't much scope for experimenting. Sliding doors bring a classy appearance. Sliding door wardrobes demand more maintenance as compared to other kinds of wardrobes. The primary purpose of the storage is served, even if it demands some maintenance.

5. Walk-in-wardrobes

If you have ample space, have good bucks to spend and a flamboyant lifestyle, a walk-in-wardrobe can serve you best. A luxurious way of storing your stuff, walk-in-wardrobes are perfect for the shopaholics so they have assorted spaces as well as can elaborately showcase your finest stuff. Walk-in-wardrobes are a speciality and built by experts.

Some Wardrobe tips that help:
a. You can use mirrors as wardrobe doors. Mirrored wardrobe doors can make the rooms appear bigger and brighter.

b. Make a list of your utilities and how your wardrobe can be designed to accommodate it. Give the list to your carpenter or wardrobe designer so they can create the right compartments and spaces for you in the wardrobe.

c. Go for the finest plywood and best laminates that ensure durability.

d. Ensure the interior/ exterior edges are not sharp as wardrobes are for everyday utility and also used by your kids.

e. Make the best of the space by throwing in many compartments for a good space management.


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Inject colour, warmth and excitement into your living space with our latest collection of designs of sofas, TV units, coffee tables, beds, wardrobes and much more.

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