Decor Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms are but default offerings in city homes. Here the need to accommodate a bed and a small wardrobe is taken care of, but when it comes to decorating a small bedroom, often people make it too cluttered and uncoordinated. In the absence of a proper design and aesthetics, small rooms can look smaller. Yet, with some small adaptations, you can convert your small bedroom to a cosy and accommodating one.

Cordial Sizes

Make sure the bed you are making or buying is cordial in size as compared to the room. Large beds can look intimidating and should be avoided. Go for sleek beds that not block much space and also look classy.

Avoid upholstery overrule

Large and thick curtains to a great extent can make rooms look occupied. Bulky upholstery including bedspreads, cushions, and bolsters can dominate the room. It is therefore recommended to have sheer curtains for the day and mildly thick fabric for night. Keep the designs on other upholstery small and complementing the room. White, pastels or light shade bedsheets can play the best trick of making a small bedroom look bigger.

Taller roofs

Taller roofs can accommodate a mini floor within if designed well. A bed on the lower runk and a small loft that can be created as a workspace or study room. Make the best use of space with a certain planning and your own small spaces can be of much use.

Colour theme

Keep the colour theme subtle and light to bring in an illusion of larger spaces. Keep the upholstery colour co-ordinated to bring a sense of uniformity and space. Do not use dark colour laminates on the furniture or flooring, this will make the spaces look smaller and cramped.


Instead of going for curtains, try the blinds. The blinds occupy minimum space and make for an appealing display.

Foldable furniture

Foldable furniture is the safest bet and is utility-driven. Make use of foldable furniture that can be used when required and stacked back when not needed. Foldable or collapsible furniture spares a lot of space which dominates the room all through the day. Furniture items like chairs, bedside table, beds, the reading table can be adapted in foldable forms for space-saving.


The mirrors can be used on walls or wardrobe doors to save space. Gone is the fashion of a formal dressing table that takes undue space. Mirrors on wall and wardrobes are not only space-saving options but duplicate spaces and make the rooms look large.

Do not clutter

Keep the decor simple. Small bedrooms should not be cluttered with furniture, mementoes, lampshades or daunting items that claim a decent chunk of space. Allot a specific space to everything at home and ensure nothing sits out of its place.

Lamps and lights

Bring in the hanging or wall lights instead of floor lights to save on the floor space. Different variations of hanging lights, ceiling lights or wall lamps can be used to create a brighter looking ambience.


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