Decor Ideas For Rental Homes

Rental homes are a choice of accommodation for many city dwellers. Albeit, rental houses do not allow much scope for making structural changes and sometimes not even the liberty of nailing the walls or choice of wall colours. Most of the houses are very preliminary, even lacking proper kitchen storage essentials. Storage is imperative when it comes to any home. Clutter-free and assorted spaces not only look good but bring a simple and elegant feel.

Let us explore here some decor options that you can utilise in rental homes...

Movable furniture

Rental homes can be decorated with movable, foldable and inexpensive furniture that can be used on and off when relocating. Movable furniture is not only cost-saving but good for transportation from one home to another. Inexpensive wardrobes and storage that comes in standard sizes can be obtained from refurbished markets or from affordable furniture package deals that many a vendor provides these days.


Rental homes usually come with whitewashed walls. Make the best of these white walls by bringing in colourful upholstery and furniture. Spruce up the home further with colourful accessories and display items. Make the home look livelier by adding meaning and your personality to every nook and corner.

The rug life

Bring in a colourful spread of rugs to make dull and boring floor look vibrant. Often in the lack of bright furniture and upholstery, a single colourful rug can draw all the necessary attention and make your home look perky.

Light that spark

In rental homes, fixed ceiling or wall-mounted lamps can be a restriction. You can choose from a wide variety of floor lamps to brighten and accessorize your spaces. Floor lamps bring in a very contemporary look and go with any furniture decor.

Plants and planters

Nothing else can enliven your home like original indoor plants. Display them to make your spaces vibrant and lively. A choice of colourful and shaped potters can also add an aesthetic feel to the plants. Planters are available in various sizes and shapes that compensate as a great indoor decorative option.

Wall stickers or papers

If the house owner permits to use wall stickers or wallpapers, make the full use of them to bring in a different and better-looking home. Wallpapers can be a costly option if the house owner is not able to bear the expenses. If you are on agreement for a couple of years in the same house, then it makes sense to spend from your pocket and have the walls look your way.

Racks and ladders

Make use of your refurbished racks to store essentials. Put them in a creative way to not only hold attention but essentials. Collapsible ladders or wooden ladders are need of every house and when not in use they can be used to display planters or books. Get creative and use elements that will otherwise just utilise space.

Say it with art

Keep the room idle and sport a wall with a piece of art and that in itself will justify the entire decor. Choose a painting that is vibrant and fathomable. Display limited frames, but work on a theme-based approach. Art maybe not everyone's choice, but for those who relate to it, they can.


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