How to choose the right throw cushions for your homes?

Home decor is an expression of bringing the finest elements in your home to the choice of your personality. Some fancy the furniture, while some fancy the rugs and all the little elements that go in making a house livelier and comfortable.

In this blog, we cover the decor element cushions that are an essential part of our living rooms and bedrooms. Let us get to understand the different types of cushions so you bring in the right ones to complement your home decor.

1. Square Cushions

Square cushions are the most commonly bought cushions and come in various sizes.

2. Lumbar Cushions

Lumbar cushions are stretched rectangular cushions.

3. Box Cushions

Box cushions are like boxes and are bulky as compared to square or other types of cushions.

4. Bolsters

Bolsters are cushions cylindrical in shape and used as support cushions. Bolsters are bulky and huge and usually seen in traditional Indian decors. With the right mix of cushions, you can play around with your home décor and make dull spaces livelier. It could be a contemporary couch, a swing or a low Indian setting; the throw cushions can style and enhance every space.

Explore the best of the options to find your right cushions

➢ Texture

Bring textures in the textiles- coarse, knitted, shiny or matte. Alternate textured cushions with solid colour cushions to avoid repetition and make the textures stand out.

➢ Palette Shades

If you are unable to choose the right colours that could complement your décor, go for adjacent shades in a palette. Experiment with cushion covers that are shade variations of colour or sit beautifully beside each other on a colour palette.

➢ Designs

Designs speak boldly and have to be used conservatively. Yet, designs perk up spaces and should be used by considering the upholstery of your couch, your curtains or any other leading designs in the room. Too much of patterns, make for clumsy or chaotic appearances.

➢ Shapes

Go creative with squares, lumbers, stars or sun; throw in cushions with unusual shapes together to balance the look. Shapes create visually pleasing sights by breaking the monotone and give a contemporary look to the decor.

➢ Solid colours

You can have a choice of solid bright and bold colours in different size cushions sitting next to each other as the only splash of colours in a dull room.

➢ Multiple patterns

Experiment one colour and many variants. Make it all look exciting but, do not overdo with the patterns.

➢ Embellishments

Throw one embellished cushion amongst a heap of neutral ones to distinguish. Silver, copper or jazzy gold against bold dark colours again bring a visually distinguished appearance too.

Make it simple and make it interesting as:
- Cushions enhance décor but also serve as back support, hence need to be chosen carefully.
- Don't throw in too many cushions that you intend decorating, but clutter too much.
- See that the cushions, their colour and patterns complement your walls, upholstery and other interior elements.

Cosy and comfortable spaces demand minimal décor and therefore appear appealing. Experiment a lot with the cushion patterns and textures; yet, go for something that dictates your style and comfort.


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