Go creative with your TV Display Units

Television sets rule every household. Over the years the idiot box has come to be known as smart Television. With Television sets, a lot has transitioned from the design to features and indeed Smart TV is something that we all flaunt today. No one could have imagined the technology would make us invest so much in something we once called an idiot box. Having a smart TV calls for some minimal décor to accommodate certain elements of the Television like set top box, remote controls and other accessories. However, the décor can also be enhanced depending on further needs like if you are creating a home theatre, a minimalist design or storage aspect etc.

Let us explore some more on the different TV cum Display Units you can have to complement your pricey TV sets.

The Minimalist Approach

Minimal is impactful. Indulge in a design that is shy of showing off. Minimal works best with your contemporary homes. A huge TV set should be complemented with minimalist display unit such that the later does not steal all the limelight.

The Storage Approach

Homes that are compact would make use of every functional space and convert it for storage. Ensure you do not make bulky setups. Make use of lighter shade laminates to make your compact spaces look larger.

The Home Theatre Approach

Home Theatres are designed by specialists and a display unit can come handy to stack all the accessories as well as accommodate some of the speakers.

The Open Display Approach

The open display approach brings a bold statement to your decor. Bring in the open display and have chosen elements to showcase. Clutter is a total no with open displays. Not a wise choice for homes with small children.

The Antique Approach

If your homes have bare walls or a rugged feel, indulge in an antique approach for the TV display unit. Wooden or heavy TV display units go well with minimal furniture in the drawing room.

The Basic Approach

If decor is not your choice, but mere functionality, indulge in a basic TV display unit. It can make for an additional furniture and offer storage options.

The Matching Approach

All through designing your TV display units ensure that you consider the visual aspects of proportion and aesthetics. Make use of laminates that are matted and not jazzy. The TV unit should not be distracting when you are watching TV.

The Classic Approach

Some prefer the entire wall unit as a Classic Approach. Entire wall can be utilised to display your photographs, trophies, book, mementoes and other precious artefacts. This is more of a display wall and not inclined towards your TV’s visual aesthetics or functionality.

The different wall units certainly bring an element of design in the house. However, invest in a TV display unit that is sturdy and durable, even if its sleek and minimal. Opt for good quality plywood and not the delicate Corian make. The open display units might require maintenance in terms of cleaning time and again, so be careful in choosing a TV display unit if your Indian home needs constant dusting.


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