Coffee Tables for your Living Room

Coffee tables are an element of style. Not everyone understands the design or aesthetic appeal of having a coffee table. Coffee tables are rather considered a need, a dormant furniture piece that is ironically an essential part of the living room. Hence, people actually do not pay much heed towards choosing the right coffee table. We share here some coffee table ideas that will not only add value but also bring an interesting appeal to your living room.

While considering Coffee Tables, make sure you consider some aspects like – Size, shape, material, display or storage.

Size of the table

A judgement of the size of your living room should give you a judgement of the size of the table. The coffee table should not overpower the room but should sit like an elegant piece complementing the other furniture. Large living rooms can still afford bulky coffee tables, but smaller living rooms should go for a delicate coffee table that essentially just serve the purpose of resting beverages or snacks.

The Shape of the Coffee Table

The shape is also a deciding factor when choosing a coffee table. If you have children at home, you should take care of the shape of the table as sharp edges and unwanted shapes can hurt the kids. Unusual shapes can also hamper your thoroughfare in the room.


Coffee tables can be chosen over a variety of material. Wood, glass, metal or fibre can be chosen to suit your living room decor.


If you engage a lot of guests or throw a lot of parties, it is essential that your coffee table should be functional and not merely sit as a display piece. Storage under coffee tables is another aspect to consider in smaller living rooms.

Coffee tables come to bring a different charm to your living room. While you have chosen the right coffee table for your living room, make it look appealing by taking care of the following things –

- Do not overcrowd the coffee table with display items.
- A coffee table is for the purpose of serving and hence you should maintain the purpose.
- In case you drop your everyday stuff on your coffee table to keep it handy, maintain a tray on the table to hold this stuff and do not clutter.
- Live counter - Make your coffee table a place to display plants. Indoor plants make spaces appear livelier.
- Deck your coffee table with flowers. They create a sense of positive space.
- Delicate looking or glass tables should be less accessorized to maintain their quality of a transparent top.
- Choose a coffee table that complements to the couch and furniture to build a sense of uniformity.
- DIY with old trunks turned to coffee tables for a vintage look.
- DIY wooden pallets to form your own coffee table for a rustic look.
- Select a coffee table that would complement and can be accommodated to a different space in the living room, in case you keep shifting the display.

In all, a piece of furniture is not only for display but function. Bearing both the things in mind, choose a coffee table that comes comfortable not only to your budget, but also style.


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