Children's Bedroom Ideas

Children, they are our creation. We plan we mould, we teach and we preach them in every possible way to a better living and being a better human being. While the teaching is important, so is fostering the environment they are growing in. Girl or Boy, a child has different admirations and aspirations. Children, however, are mostly in their made-up world, conjuring the battle of the superheroes and playing the princesses. Children need a joyful, vibrant and interactive environment to dwell in. What better place to start other than their bedroom?

Children have a lot of ideas as opposed to our regular ones. However, while designing any aspect of the children's room it is necessary to take care of the storage, comfort and reach, as the basic aspects.

A lot can be designed individually around girls' and boys' room, however, here we consider Indian homes and therefore, consider a unisexual children's room.

Free Up Space

More space means better mobility. What else does a child want than a home that is a playground in itself. Make the room clutter-free by stressing more on the storage aspect. Maintain drawers, cabinets and baskets for assorted items, including toys.


Ensure a comfortable flooring for the child's room. Though Indian homes do not go well with carpeted floors, at least, bring in the wooden flooring to bring up the floor temperature so the children can sit on bare floors. If changing the flooring is not a cost-effective option, spread colourful rugs or mats and then roll them off when not in use.

Vibrant Things

Kids love vibrant and colourful things. Ensure the room is well lit and has a lot of colourful elements, including the wall paints and upholstery.

Wall Matters

Decorate walls with colourful and versatile stickers and create a theme in itself. Make the kids choose the stickers and involve them in the wall decorating activity.

Spruce up the vibrant walls with the near-perfect paintings created by your children, craftwork or any deco that they pride in. Make a museum of wall display art, that they can show off and brag to friends and guests visiting home.

Bunk Beds

Accommodating two children in a room and yet having space to manoeuvre is a challenge in Indian homes. Bunk beds work well, provided the height of the ceiling is enough to accommodate. If the ceiling height is low, a wall-mounted fan with an air conditioner is the preferred option.

Study Desk

If space permits, try accommodating a study desk in the children's room so that they have their space to study without being interrupted with the regular working of the home.

Children's Safety

Children' safety should be the prime concern. Not only should their windows, balconies have safe enclosures but ensure the room or the furniture does not have any sharp edges, the children might bump in.

Fun Elements

Make your kids collect mementoes or unusual stuff to display in their room. Display flags, collection of cards, fridge magnets, their own Lego masterpieces, maps, globes and other cherishable mantlepieces. Make them admire beauty in small artefacts and build in the interest in them to cherish it.

A lot more can be explored and executed. When it comes to the children's room, it works best to go minimal so that it gives them enough place to explore.


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